Clean Vibes is continuing their partnership with Phish, which began back in 1997 at The Great Went, to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill.

Clean Vibes is currently putting together a team of dedicated volunteers to help with the waste diversion efforts at Super Ball IX. In exchange for your weekend's work, you will receive FREE ADMISSION to the festival. Volunteer positions include during show clean up, Trash Talkers(R), and compost and recycling sorting, as well as post event cleanup. For more information on volunteering with Clean Vibes, click here.

Let's all work together to minimize the festival waste footprint by diverting all recyclables and compostables from the landfill. Every vehicle entering the festival will receive two bags - a clear one for trash and a blue one for recycling. Any glass, aluminum, and plastic containers, as well as paper and cardboard can be recycled in the blue bag. Additional trash and recycling bags, as well as green bags for compostables, will be available at every campground pod.

Please help Clean Vibes cultivate cleanliness and ensure that we as a community reduce the size of the ecological footprint we leave behind at Superball IX. Let's take the phrase "leave only footprints" one step further to make sure the footprints we leave are as small as possible.


In exchange for a minimum of 18 hours work (typically divided into 6 hour shifts) with WET, you receive free entrance to Super Ball IX, a festival t-shirt, and camping. Duties include working on site as part of the Art team, Site Operations, Production, Front Gate, VIP, Hospitality, Camping and much more. It is a great way to network and build lasting relationships among like-minded people.

We're offering some volunteer spots at Super Ball IX that will allow you to finish your work at the festival by by 8:00PM on Friday night, leaving the rest of the weekend free for you. Volunteers must arrive to check in at Watkins Glen by Wednesday June 29th.

Fill out an application with Work Exchange Team and mark that your preferred department is Toll Booths.


- Must be 18 years or older
- Pay the $15 nonrefundable application fee
- Fill out your application (and await your acceptance email)
- A deposit equal to the ticket price plus a $25 cancellation fee. Deposit will be refunded in full following the completion of your assigned work.
- Be happy, healthy, sober, and on time to your shifts
- Be ready to learn unique new jobs, and dive into the music industry
- Be OK with missing 1 to 3 sets - we do our best to schedule everyone evenly and fairly, but you will be missing some music

Ready to get WET? You can apply today at