Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Tickets for Super Ball IX are now available for purchase at the Box Office. Please follow signs once you close in on the site. Box Office hours are as follows:

Thu 8am to 1am
Fri 8am to Midnight
Sat 8am to 8pm
Sun 8am to 6pm

Tickets are also available online here, with a print at home option.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

For information about Super Ball IX (including ticketing/box office, camping, directions, etc) please call the official Super Ball IX info line at 607-341-7059, versus calling WGI directly. Pass this info along to anyone who's traveling to Super Ball IX.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

The official map has been posted (you'll also receive one when you arrive on site):

Tuesday, June 27th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

The Bunny is back and will be broadcast on SIRIUS XM's Jam_On channel. The Bunny (and Sirius XM) will be broadcasting not just Phish sets, but the full mix of eclectic music, festival reports, archival Phish audio and much much more. In addition, for those driving in to the festival without satellite radio, The Bunny will be rocking it old school on WRCE 1490 AM as well.

The Bunny will begin broadcasting on WRCE at 8 AM on Thursday, June 30 through 8 AM on Monday, July 4. Sirius XM will join us at Thursday at 3 PM and broadcast all the way through Monday morning. And now a note from the Bunny's chief announcer, Mr. Tad Cautious:

Everyone here at Bunny central are exceptionally, embarrassingly psyched for this year's radio station. Imagine the Blues Brothers meets The Seven Samurai with a dash of Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and you might get a whiff of our panache.

Thanks to the digital wizardry of DJ Rickshaw, we have been an increasingly "interactive" Bunny in recent festivals -- and before your minds stray too far into how bunnies "interact", please know that we mean computers (and sex). More than ever, we are equipped with the Twittlers, the Facesbooks, and the online websites. But this year we want to take it to a new level with our listeners.

For Superbollocks (phonetically speaking), we want YOU to submit your own homemade station IDs for The Bunny. For those of you not hip to radio lingo, station IDs are those short pre-recorded pieces which announce the official name of the station for FCC purposes. They largely fall into two stylistic categories: 1) overly enthusiastic a capella choirs or 2) deep, gravelly voices accompanied by laser & explosion sounds. Neither of these styles are required by law.

If YOU would like to submit a station ID for The Bunny, please read the following 5 guidelines carefully. If YOU would like to submit a station ID for The Bunny, please read the following 5 guidelines carefully. See what just happened there? I just wrote that twice to make sure you're reading closely, because submissions that do not meet the following 5 guidelines will not be considered not be considered.

The Following 5 Guidelines:

1. They must somewhere include the following phrase verbatim: "The Bunny, broadcast on WRCE, Watkins Glen, on SiriusXM and online at"
2. They must be no longer than 15 seconds. Shorter is better, shortest is bestest.
3. They absolutely cannot break, bend, or even blithely approach the boundaries of FCC regulation with regard to obscenity. This is a family show we got here.
4. The sound files must be in MP3 format, 16-bit, 44.1 Khz, with a bit rate of 192.
5. They cannot, either directly or by implication, promote your business, band, Canadian yarn art, political party, house party or any other suchlike.

Now that we're through with the nasty mellow-harshing DON'Ts, here are the lovely open-ended DO's

1. DO make them awesome.
2. DO include music, sound effects, echo, lasers, explosions and all manner of audio tomfoolery.
3. DO feel free, if you so choose, to say who you are and where you're from. Make Mom proud.
4. DO have fun with the fact that for the first festival ever, we're broadcasting on an AM station. Carpenters! Bee Gees! Crazy talk radio! Many different ways to go with this.
5. DO email them to [email protected] ASAP.
6. DO know that while we treasure each and every submission, whether or not they are played is up to the completely fickle and indefensible whims of Bunny staff. If we receive 5 awesome IDs, we may play them all weekend. If we receive 200,000, we may play the aforementioned 5 all weekend. That's how she goes.

Most of all, just know that we are superly excited to interface with you radiophonically and will be broadcasting directly from our hearts to yours.

Love, DJ Tad Cautious

PS - Please know that the preceding sentence is meant purely metaphorically: current radio technology does not support heart-broadcasts.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

It's a beautiful 79 degrees right now on site in Watkins Glen as we gear up for the start of Super Ball IX. Gates open at Noon this Thursday, June 30th. Tickets for Super Ball IX are on sale now. Onsite camping is included in the price of admission. Like previous Phish festivals, the event will include numerous activities, attractions and art installations in addition to a series of performances by the band.


Adjacent to the concert field is (the triumphant return of) Ball Square. In this village in the round, you will find an American Trilogy: three distinct time zones of our nation's history. Witness an early American settlement (rally round the forge!), America in the Industrial Revolution (the factory is churning out costumery and masks for Sunday's Super Bull Run - stop by to be a part of this special event), and The Future of America (which we have little information on as it hasn't happened yet). In the center of it all is the Powerhouse, the festival's mitochondrial generator of all of Super Ball IX's power. A marvel of weirdness, an absurdist amalgamation of waterwheels and racecars, skyballs and rain cachements - behold the Powerhouse!

In a slightly further orbit from the festival's heart, you'll find The Big Screen, broadcasting a variety of recreational and cinematic delights. There's also The Pinball Lounge, a tennis court sized pinball machine bar in a pointy, stylish tent. Flippers, bumpers, and what have you. And amidst all of it, look for our roving pit crews who will give you a tune up if you let them.

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Adjacent to the House Of Live Phish, the JEMP Record Store will feature a vast array of releases from the band's catalog from years past as well as more recent releases including the new "Live in Utica" DVD/CD box set,  hard-to-find-in-store titles like "Live at The Roxy", "The Clifford Ball" 7-DVD set, "Vegas 96" and many others.  

In addition (and the part we're most excited for), the JEMP Records Store will also feature exclusive, brand new Phish vinyl releases each day of the festival. This will include first time releases of "The White Tape" (180g white vinyl), "Party Time" (2-LP 180g vinyl) and a very limited number of "Two Soundchecks" on 7" vinyl which was previously released in April for Record Store Day. Release times/dates for each individual vinyl release will be announced in the program guide when you arrive on site.  

The store will be equipped with vinyl listening stations and copies of every JEMP Records release to pick up, open, read, feel and smell, so be sure to stop by!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Clean Vibes, Super Ball IX's trash and recycling team, is still looking for volunteers to help with the festival's waste diversion program. For more info please click here.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

If you want to be able to hold onto a hard copy custom ticket for Phish's Super Ball IX, be sure to buy before Friday, June 24th at Noon ET. At that point, we'll be switching over to print at home tickets, which will continue until the event begins. Fans who purchase tickets at the gate will only recieve a wristband, versus a ticket that you can hold on to. We wanted to give you the heads up, knowing that so many fans collect their stubs. So, if you're a ticket collector and want to get your hands on a fancy Super Ball IX ticket, buy before June 24th.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Join The WaterWheel Foundation, Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and Jim Pollock in supporting non-profit organizations at Super Ball IX and be entered to win some great prizes.

Participation is simple. Just visit one of the non-profit booths at Super Ball IX. In return you'll receive a free scoop of Phish Food Ice Cream and you can enter to win any of a number of daily drawings such as a commemorative print designed by Jim Pollock, a Live at Utica Box Set, a subscription to Relix, a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, First Act iPod Dock/Portable Guitar Amplifier or set of Small Dog Chill Pill portable speakers. We'll have more to offer as well.

Check out a collection of Jim Pollock's work through the years in The Gallery, where a donation will get you a Pollock print or an exclusive Super Ball IX event T-shirt celebrating WaterWheel and Phish Food.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

We had to say it at least once. Watkins Glen is a racetrack, after all. And this Ball, this...Super Ball's rolling. Breaking historical concepts of independence, not to mention basic principles of physics, the hum is getting louder. This wheel's on fire.

Some news from the Glen: Sculptor Lars Fisk, who was instrumental in the visual design of all of Phish's festivals up until 2004, was unable to join us at Festival 8. He's back with a vengeance this year, and along with Russ Bennett, has assembled a coalition of diverse artists who will all be at Super Ball. The build begins NOW, in barns up in Vermont, in chop shops in Queens, and on the ground at Watkins Glen - the ingredients of Super Ball IX come together from parts far and wide.

In celebration of Lars' return, we've transcribed a conversation between Trey and Lars from a couple weeks back that takes a retrospective look back at previous festivals and offers up a taste of what's to come at Super Ball IX. You can check it out here.

Here are but a few of the highlights of some of the elements in the works at Super Ball IX. We'll be announcing more as we get closer to the festival.


Back for the fourth time, and better than ever, the air conditioned hi-tech chill-out pad will be filled with Macs courtesy of our friends at Small Dog Electronics in Vermont. Half the machines will be set up as download stations - bring your ipod, usb drive, etc. - and fill it with both audio and video from Phish's June tour as well as selections from the archives chosen by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro. Each station will also feature MP3's of each day's festival performance - no need to wait until you get home; grab your free downloads right from the House of Live Phish.

Want to get your head inside the mixes from Sidle up to our Pro Tools re-mix stations, furnished by our friends at Dale Pro Audio and Avid, to remix stems from the mixes. Final mixes will be uploaded to a blog at for everyone's listening pleasure.

If what you really need are the simple pleasure of a comfortable chair and a cool breeze, kick back in the Live Phish Video Lounge where we'll be playing a mix of live Phish video clips on a large HD TV. Selections will vary from our recent DVD releases to archival footage as well as clips from the current tour.


Years of marketing research and focus groups have revealed that Phish fans, given a choice of a wide variety of beverage options, often choose a fermented concoction made from cereal grains. We created a tent at Festival 8 called Beers of the World where any fan, no matter what language they spoke, would find a pleasing option. BOTW will be back at Super Ball IX with over 50 different kinds of beer available. Of note is the return of Sierra Nevada's FOAM, a special pilsner brewed specifically for Phish. True fact: After Festival 8, FOAM went on to win the Gold Medal at the 2010 World Beer Championship as the world's best Pilsner. It sold out in a hurry at its debut. They're brewing a little extra this time.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

The band will perform seven scheduled sets at Super Ball IX. The first of two sets on Friday begins at 7:30pm. The first of Saturday's three sets begins at 3pm. The first of Sunday's two sets begins at 7:30pm.


FRIDAY (7/1) 7:30PM Set 1
10:00PM Set 2
SATURDAY (7/2) 3:00PM Set 1
7:30PM Set 2
10:00PM Set 3
SUNDAY (7/3) 7:30PM Set 1
10:00PM Set 2

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

I love the smell of motor oil in the morning. Eight years after the last race in Limestone, Maine, The 101st Running of the First Annual Runaway Jim Memorial 5k Road Race will curve around the speedway on Saturday morning. It's technically 5.5 kilometers, 3.4 miles, but we know you're serious and want to give this race 110%. Drug testing will not take place before and after the race.

Pre-registration and General Race Information for the Runway Jim Memorial 5k Road Race is now available online. Pre-Registration is ONLY available online through JUNE 30TH at NOON, and is available on a first-come first registered basis.

Officially Registered runners receive a numbered race bib for official timing. We encourage runners to pre-register online as only limited registration may be available at Watkins Glen. If you're not registered, have no fear -- runners who are not registered may run at the end of the pack behind the Official Runners. Trophies will be awarded to the fastest Male, Female and cheetah, and the 2nd and 3rd place finisher over all.

For complete information or to pre-register, please visit

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Super Ball IX will feature a Ball Field, where we'll host the Ninth Annual Super Wiffle(R) Ball Tournament. We will be playing by official Wiffle(R) rules. There are no bases to run. There are no umpires to argue with.

The tournament will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day before Phish's sets begin. A complete list of rules can be found here. The Tournament is free to all ticket holders. Teams may consist of one to five players. A one-man team will be up at bat continuously during an inning, for example.

The Ball Field will also have Bocce Balls available for some leisurely lawn bowling competitions between innings.

For complete information about the Super Wiffle(R) Ball Tournament and to sign up, please visit

Monday, June 6th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Sculptor Lars Fisk has contributed his visionary artistry to Phish's amazing one-band festivals, starting with the Clifford Ball, which set the whole ball rolling back in 1996. Fisk and Vermont builder extraordinaire Russ Bennett have served as co-creative directors of every Phish festival (except for 2009's Festival 8, due to previous commitments). Their responsibility is the visual design of each festival, which involves meetings with band members about possible concepts early in the planning process. In addition to their own hands-on work, Fisk and Bennett hire artists and crews and oversee the projects' implementation. Sometimes the construction continues during the festival, allowing concertgoers to witness art being created in real time and to participate themselves.

Fisk - who is currently director of the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York - recently hooked up by phone with Trey Anastasio to take a retrospective look at past Phish festivals and offer a tantalizing taste of what's to come at Super Ball IX.

Here is a transcript of their freewheeling, far-ranging conversation: click here.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

Super Ball IX will have accessible camping conveniently located near the venue. Super Ball IX is accessible to all guests with disabilities. During our festival the site fields will feature wheelchair accessible ramps, disabled parking spaces, accessible public restrooms, water fountains and concession stands. In addition, we'll have viewing platforms in the concert field for those who need them.

For Super Ball IX's complete Accessible Guide, click here.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

In exchange for a minimum of 18 hours work (typically divided into 6 hour shifts) with WET, you receive free entrance to Super Ball IX, a festival t-shirt, and camping. Duties include working on site as part of the Art team, Site Operations, Production, Front Gate, VIP, Hospitality, Camping and much more. It is a great way to network and build lasting relationships among like-minded people.

We're offering some volunteer spots at Super Ball IX that will allow you to finish your work at the festival by by 8:00PM on Friday night, leaving the rest of the weekend free for you. Volunteers must arrive to check in at Watkins Glen by Wednesday June 29th.

Fill out an application with Work Exchange Team and mark that your preferred department is Toll Booths.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 - Posted by PHISH

You asked for it! We've posted our Super Ball IX Frequently Asked Questions, Camping Info and Festival Guidelines.

Tickets for Super Ball IX are on sale now at Onsite camping is included in the price of admission. Like previous Phish festivals, the event will include numerous activities, attractions and art installations in addition to a series of performances by the band. Camping and travel packages are available.

For complete ticketing info, please click here.

Monday, April 11th, 2011 - Posted by IX

Super Ball IX will have a limited number of fully set up, weatherproof tents available to rent. Tent rentals will be available in both the "Glen Close Camping" and General camping areas. If you purchase a tent in the "Glen Close Camping" area you and everyone in your party will need "Glen Close Camping" ticket. Only one vehicle per order will be allowed into the tent area. Additional vehicles will have to park in general parking areas. Amenities include 2 cots (additional cots are $30 each), Bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows, etc), staff to help you. The tents measure 10x13.

We'll return the damage deposit immediately following the festival provided there is no damage to the tent or cots. Please note that tickets to Superball IX are NOT included in the tent rental and you must purchase tickets for the area you wish to camp in (i.e. "Glen Close Camping" or general camping).

You must arrange your tent rental in advance. Click here for info and purchasing options.

Monday, April 4th, 2011 - Posted by IX

Tickets for Super Ball IX are on sale now at Onsite camping is included in the price of admission. Like previous Phish festivals, the event will include numerous activities, attractions and art installations in addition to a series of performances by the band. Camping and travel packages are available.

For complete ticketing info, please click here.

Thursday, March 31st, 2011 - Posted by IX

Sensational. Mind-blowing. Fantabulous.

These are all words with the same amount of letters as SUPER BALL IX.

It's Phish's biggest. Ball. Ever. So big we can't. Contain it. In one sentence. Super Ball IX, Phish's ninth festival, will take place July 1-3 at Watkins Glen International. Located amidst the rolling hills of central New York's Finger Lakes region, the site offers an abundance of campsites and is just a short drive from numerous Northeastern cities. Super Ball IX will mark Phish's first-ever festival performance over July 4 weekend, and the first major music festival held at Watkins Glen since 1973's legendary Summer Jam. It is also Phish's first-ever performance at a facility with "Watkins" in its name.

Tickets for Super Ball IX go on sale this Monday, April 4th, at Noon ET at Onsite camping is included in the price of admission. Like previous Phish festivals, the event will include numerous activities, attractions and art installations in addition to a series of performances by the band. Camping and travel packages will. Be. Available. (Sorry, hard habit to break.)

Super Ball IX continues a tradition that began with The Clifford Ball in August of 1996. Rolling Stone observed, "It was definitely groundbreaking...there was a real story; that in an age of corporate sponsorship, this completely home-grown thing happened that was different from any other concert."

Anyone purchasing Super Ball IX tickets will receive a free MP3 download of each set the band plays during the weekend from, where they'll be available shortly after Phish finishes lip-syncing steps off stage. and will be your main source for all things Ball. We've posted the first wave of information about the festival and will continue to update with Travel info, FAQs, Guidelines, Event Info, the hottest celebrity news, and much much more, so keep checking back.

Note: Super Ball IX is pronounced "Super Ball Nine," not "Super Ball Icks." You're welcome.