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Updated: Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Super Ball IX Access Program for Patrons with Disabilities

PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. If you continue to have questions after reading this guide, write to Super Ball IX's Access Specialist at [email protected].

Section 1: Deadlines and Access Information
Section 2: Services for Patrons with Mobility Disabilities
Section 3: Services for Patrons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Section 4: Services for Patrons who are Blind or have Low Vision
Section 5: Service Animals
Section 6: Medical Considerations
Section 7: Other Access Program Tips


DEADLINES (see details in Access Guide below)
It helps us immensely if you make your request as soon as possible or no later than the dates listed here. More information about each item is in the Access Guide below. We may not be able to accommodate requests coming in after these dates. Make your request to [email protected], unless otherwise noted.

- Inquire re Mobility Device other than 3 or 4-wheeled scooter or wheelchair - June 17
- Assistive Listening Device - June 17
- Guided tour for patrons who are blind - June 27
- Service animal camping - June 17
- Reserve power for CPAP and other medical devices - First-come-first-serve
- Any other special accommodations not listed - ASAP or June 17

Email us at [email protected] with any questions prior to the event. If you have questions during Super Ball IX, you should visit The Access Center from 10 AM to 10 PM. It will be located along roadway within Accessible Camping area - in direction of venue. The Access Center provides information regarding the Access Program services for people with disabilities as well as offering a place to relax in the shade and chill out for a while. Please stop by to say hello and fill out a survey.

Compliments or Complaints?
When you get to the event, fill out one of our surveys or send an email at any time to [email protected]. We need and appreciate your feedback.


Accessible Camping & Day Parking Areas
The Accessible Camping area (1,000 feet or less from the venue entrance) and the Day Parking area (about 1,300 feet or a quarter of a mile from the venue entrance) are reserved for patrons with mobility disabilities. A permanent or temporary state-issued accessible parking license plate, placard, or hangtag is required to use these areas. No reservations are needed.

Companion Policy
In the Accessible Camping area, one companion vehicle is allowed to enter along with the vehicle displaying the accessible parking tag. To make sure that there is enough space for all that truly need it, no more than one companion vehicle is allowed. The companion vehicle and the vehicle with the accessible parking tag must enter together and park next to each other. Others may camp elsewhere and visit their friends in the Accessible Camping area whenever they wish.

RVs with Accessible Parking Tag
RVs with the accessible parking tag may park in the Accessible Camping Area. All RVs must purchase an RV pass. RVs in the Accessible camping area may bring a companion vehicle but, like all patrons, must pay the companion vehicle fee. The companion vehicle must arrive immediately following the RV when entering the tollbooths. The companion vehicle must be an automobile, not another RV type vehicle.

For questions regarding RVs, trailers, and the like, go to and scroll down to "About RV Camping."

Getting to the Event
See routing information on Travel and Directions page of the website. As you approach the event, make sure that your state-issued accessible parking tag is clearly visible so that you are directed to the correct gate.

Directions to Accessible Camping - Gate 2
All patrons who are using the Accessible Camping area must enter GATE 2, from Route 16. This is at the northeastern corner of the racetrack. You may download a traffic map here Watch for signs displaying the wheelchair symbol.

Make sure that your state-issued accessible parking license plate, hang-tag, or placard is visible. Your companion vehicle must follow directly behind you. We will distribute information about our Access Program, apply an Accessible Camping sticker to your vehicle (no sticker-no access), and direct you to the Accessible Camping area.

Directions to Accessible Day Parking - Gate 3
Accessible Day Parking is within the standard Day Parking area. Follow signage for Day Parking and use GATE 3.

Accessible Parking Permit
Accessible parking license plates, placards, and hangtags are issued through each state's department of motor vehicles. People with mobility disabilities should talk with their doctor to obtain the necessary documentation.

Temporary Accessible Parking Permit
If you have scheduled surgery or have another condition that will limit your mobility during the event, talk with your doctor about getting a temporary accessible parking tag. Do this right away as it can take time to process. If you have questions about this write to [email protected].

Accessible ATMs
See maps for location of accessible ATMs.


From the farthest part of Accessible Camping to the venue is about 1,000 feet on a fairly straight hard packed road surface. As far as outdoor festivals go, this is one of the more accessible events. The venue, with the stage and other activities, is about 900' by 1,200' with this hard-packed roadway running the length of it. The interior of the venue is fairly flat with mowed grass.

If you have a mobility disability be sure to camp in the Accessible Camping area. If you camp in general camping, you could be as much as three quarters of a mile away with an uphill path to get to the venue over sometimes rocky surfaces. If you have further questions about your ability to camp in general camping, contact [email protected].


Come Prepared
Come prepared with the mobility device that you need to get yourself around.

Safety First
Operate your mobility device in a safe and courteous manner. Move no faster than the "walking speed" of the pedestrians around you. Operate your device according to manufacturer's instructions. Reckless operation of your mobility device is not permitted.

What's Allowed and What's Not Only those who have mobility disabilities may use mobility devices. Power wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed for use by people with mobility disabilities. Other types of mobility devices will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For safety reasons, powered mobility devices that move faster than a walking speed, or are heavier and larger than a wheelchair or scooter, including two-wheeled scooters, golf carts, or all-terrain vehicles, are NOT allowed.

To ask for permission to use a mobility device other than a wheelchair or scooter, contact [email protected] no later than June 16. Keep in mind that this is a very crowded event and that fast, large, or heavy mobility devices are not appropriate for this site and will not be allowed.

Event personnel may ask individuals using an other type of power-driven mobility device for a credible assurance such as a valid Federal or State-issued proof of disability, that the device is required because of a disability. Security will impound inappropriate mobility devices until the end of the event.

Recharging Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Medical Devices
Wheelchairs, scooters, and medical equipment may be recharged at the Access Center. Patrons may remain with their device or leave it at their own risk and are encouraged to provide a locking system. The Recharge Lounge in the venue also offers recharging services for any type of device. Because of the nature of temporary events, Super Ball IX does not guarantee availability of electricity though it does not expect an interruption of service. Patrons may opt to use their automobiles to recharge their devices using an AC/DC power converter. They range in wattage from 150W up to 5000W. The ones under 400W may be plugged directly into a cigarette lighter socket and provide 1-2 conventional 115V outlets. They can be found in most camping equipment stores or in general catalogs.

Power chair and scooter users should consult their owner's manual to determine charging times and any other unique requirements for their particular model. Each individual should confirm that the recharging method selected works for their device. Each individual is responsible for recharging his or her own device.


Viewing Area for Patrons with Mobility Disabilities
Superball IX provides a raised viewing platform near the roadway set back from the stage a bit, for patrons with mobility disabilities. To find this platform look for the wheelchair symbols on event maps, signs with the wheelchair symbol, or ask at the Access Center. Space on the reserved viewing platform is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Who May Use these Areas?
Patrons who use wheelchairs will be able to use the platforms and reserved areas without a pass. Patrons with mobility disabilities who don't use a wheelchair but who have a disability that substantially limits their ability to stand may stop by the Access Center to request a pass to use these reserved areas. Those who have slight injuries need not apply.

Folding Chairs
Some chairs are provided but a seat is not guaranteed. You may bring your own folding concert chair.

Low-backed, folding, concert chairs that sit less than one foot off the ground are allowed in the venue. Patrons who are not able to sit so low to the ground may stop by the Access Center to request permission to bring in a chair with a higher seat.

Companion Policy
Each person with a disability may bring one companion into the reserved viewing areas. Families, consisting of no more than two adults and any children less than 18 years of age, when a member of the family has a disability, may stay together in the reserved areas.


Accessible Portable Toilets and Showers
Accessible portable toilets are available in the Accessible Camping area and wherever other portable toilets are located. Free accessible showers are available in the Accessible Camping area. There are flush restroom facilities scattered about. One of these facilities is within Accessible Camping and has an accessible stall in both the women's and men's restroom.

Accessible Glen Close
The Glen Close area is located near to the venue. Within its confines there is an Accessible Camping area situated close to the gate to the venue. Patrons who have a Glen Close ticket and the state-issued accessible parking tag may set up their tent or park their RV in this area. Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to reserve a spot.


Wheelchair push service is not provided. Personal care attendants are not provided.


Sign Language Interpreters The music performances will be interpreted. Reservations are not necessary. Stop by the Access Center to learn the location of the interpreter.

Assistive Listening Devices - Reservations Needed Patrons who are hard of hearing may check out an assistive listening device (ALD) at the Access Center. The Access Center is open from 10 AM to 10 PM. Make reservations by writing to [email protected] by June 16. Note whether or not you use a hearing aid with a telecoil and include your cell phone number. This event uses FM assistive listening systems.


Camp Closer
Patrons who are blind or have low vision may opt to camp in the Accessible Camping area. Your state-issued accessible parking tag will make it possible to camp in this area. Use the Gate 2 entrance. See "Getting to the Event" in this Access Guide, for more details.


Service Dogs YES, Pets NO
Service DOGS and service miniature horses that are trained to assist an individual with a disability are allowed at Superball IX. Other types of animals and pets are NOT allowed. These other animals and pets will be picked up and placed with the local humane society. Please use the local kennels if you are traveling with your pet.

Service animals must be on leash and under the control of their handlers at all times. Disruptive or dangerous animals, animals that are not under control of the handler, or animals that are not housebroken, will need to leave the site.

DO NOT bring animals that are not individually trained to assist you as a person with a disability. It is not safe for other patrons or for the animal. People who bring their pets and claim they are service animals are taking advantage of people with disabilities and threatening the health and safety of all.

Anyone who has questions or needs regarding their service animal may write to [email protected], or stop by the Access Center during the festival.

Service Animal Relief Area
There is a service animal relief area within the Accessible Camping area.

Camping Close
Because of heat and distance, and to keep an animal in top performance, it may be easier on service animals if they and their owners camp in the Accessible Camping area. Those with service animals that want to camp in the Accessible Camping area but do not have a state-issued accessible parking pass, should contact [email protected] by June 16.


Syringes and Prescription Medication
A person bringing a syringe or prescription medication will need to show the medication in prescription packaging with name on the label, and photo ID.

Refrigeration for Medication
Medication may be stored in the refrigerator in the Medical Center near to Accessible Camping. Ice is available for purchase for those who wish to keep their medication at their campsite in a cooler.

Medical Waste Disposal
Dispose of your medical waste and sharps in the proper disposal containers at the Medical Center. Please do not dispose of these things in the trash barrels. We appreciate your consideration for our volunteers and staff who handle the trash bags.

Medical Stations
There are two medical stations in the general campgrounds, one in the venue near the stage, and the main Medical Center adjacent to the Access Center. Their locations are indicated on the map.

Ambulances are standing by and there is a small hospital near Watkins Glen. There are pharmacies in Watkins Glen.

Recharging Medical Devices
See "Recharging Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Medical Devices," under Section 2.

CPAP and Other Medical Devices
A limited number of power outlets are available for those who use CPAP machines or other medical devices during sleep. To reserve an outlet, contact [email protected] as soon as possible. These are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Superball IX cannot guarantee power but does not anticipate an interruption in services. Those who use CPAP may want to bring their own back-up system such as an adaptor to use in the cigarette lighter of their vehicle.



Shade and AC
Patrons are welcome to rest in the shaded Access Center tent, chill out in the air conditioned House of Live Phish while downloading some free tunes, or relax in the Recharge Tent. Go to a Medical Station if you need medical attention.

Misting Tents
There are two misting tents inside the venue. Check the map for locations.

Patrons are allowed to bring a small soft-sided cooler stocked with ice, into the venue. Ice is available for purchase.


If assistance is needed while conducting business with a vendor, request the assistance from the vendor, a member of the Access Team, or any staff person.

Special Dietary Needs
Those who have special dietary needs may bring small amounts of food, for personal use only, into the venue. Factory sealed, non-glass, water bottles, or empty containers to fill at the water stations, are also allowed.

Requests for Accommodations
If you need an accommodation that the Access Program does not already provide, make your request right away and no later than June 16. For an event this size, last minute requests are very difficult to process. Contact [email protected].

Some services may be available without advance notice. Please stop by the Access Center to ask for assistance. We want your visit to go as smoothly as possible.