Super Ball IX will feature a Ball Field, where we'll host the Ninth Annual Super WiffleŽ Ball Tournament. We will be playing by official Wiffle rules. There are no bases to run. There are no umpires to argue with. You will be throwing your nastiest knucklers at a target to determine balls and strikes and spraying hits past designated lines on the field to record singles, doubles, triples and home runs. Base runners are imaginary.

The tournament will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day before Phish's sets begin. A complete list of rules can be found here.

The Tournament is free to all ticket holders. Teams may consist of one to five players. A one-man team will be up at bat continuously during an inning, for example.

UPDATE: The Super WiffleŽ Ball Tournament has generated so much excitement and interest that pre-registration is now closed. Teams will still have the chance to register on site! Thanks for your support!

All questions can be directed to [email protected].

All teams will need to get to the Ball Field for their first game before 7pm on Friday. All members of the tournament's winning team will win one pair of ticket to an upcoming Phish concert in addition to a commemorative Super Ball IX festival gift pack (t-shirt, limited JEMP vinyl releases, etc).

In addition to the tournament, the field will be open for all to give it a swing. Teams and individuals may play their own WiffleŽ games outside of the tournament.

The Ball Field will also have Bocce Balls available for some leisurely lawn bowling competitions between innings.